Wednesday, April 27, 2011

it's him


He called me last week..
After almost 2 years, he finally called me...
last 2 years, he called me.. & there is not much things to talk on..
But on the latest phone conversation, we talk much.. huhu
A lot of things been discussed...

The conversation had remind me all the memories, even the memories since the first time i knew him...
15 years ago....

From that momment, he never failed to take a good care about me, my feelings & even my studies..
And now, giving support for me to proceed with my career....
Keep on giving me supports to live a life... huhu

During our last conversation, i start to realized somethings...
He is still the one that i knew since before..
The same person.. the same character... the same him...

Never thought that i will knew someone like him...
Syukur Alhamdulillah....

InsyaAllah, i will take a good care for this relationship... till the end...

*Never neglect someone who care about you... before you regret it forever...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My personal life


Just nak buat statement

Naturally, i'm the one who love privacy toooo much.. on certain / specific things la..

Tapi, once you get involved in a job, that require you to exposed your phone number & email to others.. ther will be no more privacy... :(

Seriously, sangat tak suka.. especially, when people / unknown numbers calling you during weekend & when you are spending your time with the loved one...

Yang tak boleh tahan, bila call, banyak pulak soalannya... smpai siap tanya soalan personal bla bla bla... FYI, stalker pon ada tau?? hehe yg ni kira kes terpencil la.. sebab special kes.. lawak, tapi cukup tuk buat aku naik hangin.. hehe Then, free2 je dapat treatment tak best dari aku.. hihi jahat kan aku ni :)

Pernah jugak la.. aku off phone during weekend & bila2 aku amik cuti.. huhu since geram sgt dgn diorang2 ni.. tak reti ke nak hormat skit masa2 lapang org lain?

Please do call me only during office hour... TQ

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

18.04.11 / 12.04.11

Post ni sepatutnya di post pada 12 April 2011.. Tapi 18 April 2011 baru sempat nak post.. takpe la.. hentam saja... :)
16 April 2011 : Ad-hoc Gathering

* Me, Asma, Tyra Beng & Fiza The best!!

26th March 2011 : Majlis Kesyukuran & Majlis naik buaian Nur Aleesya..

* Hari Persaraan Teacher Zaliha... mcm artis kan?? hehe
*Hadiah yg Mak terima : Guru Penyayang bape tahun berturut2 la katakan.. <3

19 March 2011 : Broga Hill : Office's Activity

31st January 2011 : Birthday Celebration for my Lovely Lil Bro..


Sebenarnya ada isu kontroversi yg nak di post.. tapi since malas nak serabutkan kepala dgn memikirkannya.. better for me to story morry about something else.. somethings yg tak memerlukan proses memikirkan yg teruk.. hehe (ayat org tgh weng)..

ok la, just nak share gambar2 aktiviti baru2 ni.. just enjoy d show!!